A Little “Clean” Secret

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, a very clean sort of secret, and it's only going to happen once, and it will never happen again... like a sell by date... on a packet of something. If that makes sense. Wanna know the secret?

My First Show Jumping Competition – Wow!

After 16 years I took part in my first training show jumping competition. I never expected anything. All I wanted was to get around the course and hold my horse in the right direction. I got so much more!

New York In Pictures Part 4: The Last Days and a Baseball Game

The last few days which included a baseball game and an Irish pub.

New York in Pictures Part 3: Great Heights


New York in Pictures Part 2

More pictures of New York...

New York in Pictures Par 1: 1000 Words Ain’t Enough

I've already written 3 posts on New York and never added images (it wasn't easy doing it on a tablet) so here's part 1 of an album of a city that is mindblowing and can sometimes leave you speechless.

The Washington Album

We had such a short time in Washington and most of our train trip to New York I spent editing photos and New York sucked me in, so this is a very delayed and nutshelled report of a beautiful city that we could move to tomorrow!